Property valuation Cracow - Poland real estates appraiser & consultant

mgr ing. Anna Rachtan,
Property surveyor,
Poland Real Estates Appraiser & Consultant

government licence no. 4277

Work out how much your property’s worth. Valuation covers all aspects of real estate and its permanent connected parts located all over Poland (Cracow, Warsaw, Katowice, etc.):
- residential,
- commercial,
- industrial,
- apartments, flats, homes, tenement-house,
- buildings, constructions,
- building lots, places,
- recreation sites,
- cultivated fields, corps, sowings,
- forests, trees,
- machines, installations, etc.

Offer clear, impartial, expert advice on property issues:
- make an inventory of tangible assets,
- estimate fair value according IAS rules,
- valuation for individual investor’s purposes.

Offer analysis covering:
- local real estate market,
- business plans for property re-planning or extensions.

Property valuation (appraisal) will need to be done and also will be helpful for:
- arranging a mortgage as a collateral for mortgage loans,
- selling or buying purposes,
- sharing ownership procedures,
- updating property value as a contribution to a company,
- estimation the size of damages and amount of compensation.

Welcome to the cooperation: banks, insurance companies, local authorities, investors, individuals.